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Contract Advice, Formation, and Drafting

Stucki ♦ Legal, PLLC can help you with your business contracts and agreements. There are many ways to make mistakes when drafting a contract. Our firm knows how to troubleshoot, anticipate future problems, and correct them at the drafting stage – helping to avoid litigation. Your contracts and agreements are drafted correctly with your goals as top priority. We also advise you as to your rights and obligations under contracts.


We provide detailed assistance with the following:



      Stock purchase agreements                        Real estate transactions


      Asset purchase agreements                        Bulk sales agreements


      Employment agreements                            Construction agreements


      Aviation agreements                                   Mergers and acquisitions


      Healthcare agreements                                1031 Exchanges


      Settlement agreements                                UCC Contracts


      Severance agreements                                 Securities offerings


                                 Many other types of contracts


For help with your contract needs, contact Stucki ♦ Legal, PLLC